Maison Turner

Grad Year: 2020

Level: 10

GPA: 3.96


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2018: L10 Regionals- 5th VT & BB, 3rd UB, 6th AA

2018: L10 State- 4th UB, 9th FX & AA

2017: Nationals Qualifier

2017: L10 Regionals- 6th VT, 5th UB & BB, 4th FX & AA

2017: L10 State- 5th UB

2016: L9 Westerns- 2nd (T) BB, 9th (T) FX

2016: L9 Regionals- VT Champion, 3rd (T) UB, 9th BB & FX, 5th (T) AA

2016: L9 State- 3rd VT, 2nd (T) UB, BB & AA Champion, 4th (T) FX

2015: L9 Westerns- 8th VT, 2nd (T) BB, 7th (T) FX, 5th AA 2015: L9 Regionals- VT Champion, 3rd UB, BB & AA

2015: L9 State- 4th VT & UB, 10th BB, 6th FX & AA

2014 Westerns Qualifier

2014: L9 Regionals- 8th VT & FX, 3rd UB, 10th BB, 5th (T) AA


Maison has competed for Auburn Gymnastics her entire competitive career starting in 2009 at level 4. In the 2014 season Maison competed level 9 placing third on bars and fifth all-around at Regionals. She was a Westerns qualifier in 2014, 2015, and 2016. In 2015 she was level 9 Regional Vault Champion and placed third on bars, beam and all-around. At Westerns, Maison placed eighth on vault, tied for second on beam, seventh on floor and placed fifth all-around. The following year Maison was level 9 State Champion, scoring the highest all-around in the state, regardless of age group, with a 38.00. She was also Beam Champion and placed third on vault, second on bars, and fourth on floor. At Regionals, she was Vault Champion for the second year in a row, placed third on bars, and finished fifth all-around. At the 2016 Western Championships, Maison again placed second on beam, and earned ninth place on floor. After the 2016 season, Maison was invited to be one of four artistic gymnasts to demonstrate an event in the Kellogg’s Tour of Champions in Seattle.


As a level 10, Maison placed fifth on bars at the 2017 State Championships. At Regionals she placed fifth on bars and beam, and forth on floor and all-around, qualifying to Nationals. She went 4 for 4 and placed 25th all-around. In the 2018 season, Maison placed fourth on bars at State and at Regionals she placed fifth on vault and beam, third on bars, and sixth all-around.

Maison has also received the Auburn Gymnastics “Coaches Choice” award in 2012 (level 7), 2016 (level 9), and 2017 (level 10).

Academically, Maison has a 3.96 GPA and is currently ranked 29th of the 668 students in her graduating class. She is taking all college level classes and will continue to until she graduates high school in 2020.

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