Thank you for your interest in Auburn Gymnastics Center's program. Our classes will provide an opportunity for your child to develop confidence, poise, individuality, mental and physical discipline, determination, work ethic and self-respect. Your gymnast will mature among individuals and circumstances that will demand his or her finest efforts and judgments. Your child will develop close relationships with other young athletes and will enjoy the interaction of working with other gymnasts.

Gymnastics is one of the greatest overall body conditioning activities your child could experience. Some physical attributes you will find developing in your young gymnast will be strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, muscular control, muscular endurance, coordination, timing, explosive power, agility, balance and grace. Some of the mental attributes we hope to develop are positive self image, self motivation, tenacity, patience, goal setting, courage and teamwork. It is rewarding and fun to work hard, improve skills and achieve goals.

Busy Bugs Pre-school

Busy Bugs Preschool offers a 3 day class on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 9:15-11:45. The cost is $180 per month.  We also offer a 2 day class on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:15-11:45 for $130 per month. There is a $ 50 once a year registration fee for every student which should be paid before the first day of school. The 3 day class will start Sept. 8 and the two day class will start on Sept. 9.

South Sound pre-k Academy

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